Saturday, 14 November 2015

HMCS PRESERVER: Interior Crew Spaces

To complete the tour of PRESERVER's interior spaces, I will cover a collection of crew spaces. 

PRESERVER's forward superstructure is home not only to the bridge (on No. 4 deck), but also various other spaces to support the ship's company. Starting on No. 3 deck immediately below the bridge is the cabins for the CO and SO (Senior Officer). 

PRESERVER's CO, LCDR Hutt, does paperwork in his day cabin.
The CO's night cabin (sleeping quarters) and head are on the port side, with his day cabin between these cabins and the centreline. The table and chairs are in a conference room located on the centreline of the ship, with the SO's day cabin beyond. 

Conference room looking to starboard.

SO's day cabin.
SO's cabin on the starboard side is presumably a mirror image of the CO's (just messier). The window to the left overlooks the foc'st'le, while the window on the right looks to starboard. 
Immediately below on No. 2 deck is the wardroom, or officer's mess. The wardroom runs the full width of the forward end of the forward superstructure. This is where the ship's officers relax and dine.

Wardroom looking to port.
Wardroom looking to starboard from the ship's centreline.
Wardroom also looking to starboard, but from the port side.
One deck below, on No. 1 deck, is the medical bay including a surgery, dental hospital, and treatment areas.

Operating Room looking to starboard. 

This ward has four beds, and sits on the ship's port side.
The ship also has x-ray facilities.
The dental hospital had a patient in it during my visit, so I couldn't go in, and don't have any photos of it.

Also on No. 1 deck, but in the aft superstructure under the helicopter hangar, is the ship's main galley. 

Main galley looking to starboard and forward.
Opposite the main galley, on the ship's port side, is the Chief's and Petty Officer's recreation space. Just aft of this, still on the port side, is the Chief's and Petty Officer's cafeteria. 

Chief's and Petty Officer's cafeteria, looking aft.
Opposite this, back on the starboard side, is the Crew's cafeteria (forward) and recreation space (aft). When I entered the cafeteria, backs were turned to the door, and the flash from my camera took some of them by surprise!

Crew's cafeteria.
This carved plaque of PRESERVER greets you as you enter the crew's recreation space.
Crew's recreation space looking aft. 
I will finish off this tour with a shot inside one of the messing, or accommodation, areas. This particular compartment was, I believe, the mess for the HELIDET (HELIcopter DETachment) personnel. With PRESERVER alongside and no helicopter embarked, it was therefore empty and I was table to take photos.

HELIDET mess with bunks stacked three high.

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