Friday, 30 September 2016

Photos this week: September 26-30

The week started off sunny, and there was nice warm lighting from the morning's rising sun. HMCS ST. JOHN'S was still on the Syncrolift where I last saw her, although a bit higher out of the water. The blue antifouling is showing through a bit better now, and the black may just be harbour scum. Having a similar colour of blue antifouling on my own boat, I am well familiar with the boat not being quite the same colour when she comes out of the water as when she went in.

Looking further out the harbour, there was a procession of three cruise ships on their way in, along with some naval traffic.

Rotterdam, Norwegian Gem, Disney Magic, with HMCS VILLE DE QUEBEC is just visible to the far right.
Norwegian Gem and Rotterdam.
As always, it was a challenge to get them all lined up just right, but I managed a variety of combinations.

Norwegian Gem, Disney Magic, and Rotterdam.
Monday also saw two separate species of cormorant circling the harbour.

This guy was diving for fish in front of Bishop's Landing.
And this guy (RCAF CH-148 Cormorant) was circling overhead. It didn't catch any fish that I am aware of.
The Coast Guard's Sir William Alexander returned to port in the rain on Tuesday.

CCGS Sir William Alexander.

Wednesday brought a new group of ships, including what I assume is the one and only cruise ship ever built in Halifax.

Pearl Mist and Crystal Serenity. The former was built by Halifax Shipyard and delivered in 2013.
Anthem of the Seas was also a return visitor. The ship features a viewing pod mounted on the end of a long crane arm, seen deployed here.
Friday brought another procession of cruise ships, this time comprising of Serenade of the Seas, Azamara Quest, and once again Disney Magic as tail-end charlie. Celebrity Summit arrived later in the day, and I missed her.

Serenity of the Seas, Azamara Quest, Theodore Too, and Disney Magic
As usual, Theodore Too was greeting the cruise ships as they arrived. HMCS SHAWINIGAN also put in an appearance.

Azamara Quest, Theodore Too, SHAWINIGAN, and Disney Magic.
Azamara Quest fortunately turned and allowed me to catch her with some sunlight on the starboard side.
Cruise ships these days are not often what one would call beautiful, but occasionally you get one that makes up for the rest. Queen Mary 2 is one that I approve of, and the Disney ships (despite the Mickey Mouse flourishes) also do the trick. I might even go a step further, and say that Disney Magic and her sisters are probably some of the best looking of the bunch of modern cruise ships.

Disney Magic.
Broadside view of Disney Magic.
The Disney and Queen Mary 2 designs seem to me to harken back to earlier ocean liners of the 20th century, which is probably why I prefer them to the rest.

Theodore Too.
HMCS SHAWINIGAN returning from a successful arctic cruise.
Also on Friday, SPS PATINO returned to Halifax.

SPS PATINO, Spanish Navy replenishment tanker.
As I was rushing to take pictures of the ships arriving this morning, I glanced aside to see what another of my fellow commuters was taking pictures of - and saw a Great Blue Heron standing in the water just to the side of the boardwalk.

Great Blue Heron. I am not used to getting this close.
I was able to change my angle slightly to fill the background with reflections of the Halifax skyline.
I will finish off with this dramatic sky from yesterday afternoon.

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