Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Atlantic Griffin begins sea trials (Updated)

Atlantic Towing's new offshore support vessel (OSV) Atlantic Griffin began sea trials yesterday, heading out during mid-day sometime, and returning after dark. She headed out again this morning,  just as fleet-sister Atlantic Condor was returning to port, and I managed to get a few shots of her as the sun came up.

Atlantic Griffin departing this morning just as Atlantic Condor was returning to port. This is a good contrast between the newer design of Griffin to the not-so-much older Condor.
Designed by Damen and built at their yard in Galatz, Romania, she is designated as a Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) 5000. The upper portion of the forward superstructure was separated from the rest of the hull, and the two parts were shipped to Halifax and assembly was completed at Halifax Shipyards. Sistership Atlantic Shrike is also completing in Halifax, and will presumably begin her own sea trials soon.

The lines of this new Damen design are fairly revolutionary, at least in these parts. Her hull certainly seemed to be cutting through the water with little fuss, though to be fair she wasn't going very fast.

Atlantic Griffin in front of Purdy's Wharf.

Atlantic Griffin approaches the lighthouse on George's Island.

There was a nice sky this morning, although the orange and reds in the sky made it difficult to selectively highlight the orange of Atlantic Griffin's hull.

Chebucto Pilot following Atlantic Griffin out this morning.

Atlantic Griffin returning last night.
I include this photo of Atlantic Griffin not because it is very good, but because I was surprised I was able to take it at all. I took this from the ferry, a moving platform, just before 7pm and it was dark enough that all my eyes could make out were the lights on the ship. I set my camera's ISO to 25,000, opened up the aperture to f4, and did my best to hold the camera steady - and was rewarded with an image of the entire tug, orange hull and all, and not just the lights. Camera technology has come a long way in the last 10 years.


According to Tugfax, Atlantic Griffin was performing a bollard test on January 20, see seen in the following photos.

Atlantic Griffin bollard pull test at Pier 26.
Atlantic Griffin bollard pull test at Pier 26.
Atlantic Griffin bollard pull test at Pier 26.

Atlantic Condor:

Atlantic Condor herself has also been in and out a fair bit lately.

Atlantic Condor taken just last week on January 13th, again with the George's Island lighthouse to the left.
Atlantic Condor passes in front of the Navy's Tribute Tower, the new Junior Ranks Mess and Accommodation.
Unlike her two newer fleet sisters, Atlantic Condor was build right here in Halifax, and was launched back in October of 2010. Here are some images from her launching.

The day prior to the launch, October 30, 2010, some of the smaller tugs such as Atlantic Larch put on a bit of a show.

This image of Atlantic Oak is one of my favourites.
The remainder of the images here were taken October 31, 2010, the actual day of the launch. Atlantic Condor was one of the last vessels launched from the old launch ways from which other fleet mates, the Coast Guard inshore patrol vessels, the MCDVs, and many other ships were launched over the years. 

Atlantic Condor has just started to slide down the ways, her bows meeting the water for the first time.

Here she really has her feet wet, with only her running gear and rudders still out of the water.

Once fully afloat, she was herded into place by her smaller fleet sisters. 

Atlantic Condor has been quite busy ever since, and one presumes that the newer Atlantic Griffin and Atlantic Shrike will be kept similarly busy. 

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