Friday, 7 April 2017

Halifax's new Discovery Centre

The media is reporting that the old Discovery Centre building at the corner of Barrington and Sackville streets in downtown Halifax will be torn down over the weekend. Here it is, in the photo below, earlier this afternoon with some netting over the Barrington Street face and hoarding around the base. 
The previous building that housed the Discovery Centre, on the corner of Barrington and Sackville Streets in downtown Halifax.
As it turns out, we took the family to the new Discovery Centre last weekend. It is currently housed in the extensively renovated former electrical generating plant on the Halifax waterfront that houses the new Nova Scotia Power headquarters. 

The sign at the entrance is on a fence.
The new centre is spread over 4 floors of this building, and is full of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) displays and activities - all sorts of things to keep the kids busy and learning new things. As an engineer, I approve, but was glad there were also lots of things to keep me interested too, such as architecture and interior design to photograph. I will present the rest of my photos largely without comment.

The large sphere shown here appears in a number of the photos below.

Among other things, the basement contains a lab area where more hands-on learning can be had - the table in the foreground appears to provide opportunities to experiment with batteries and circuits. 

These lights change colour constantly.

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