Sunday, 5 April 2015

Cold surf at Lawrencetown

We felt like getting out of the house this afternoon, so we headed out to Lawrencetown Beach to see what was up. It was a tad chilly, though bearable, and the entrance to the parking lot was a bit icy. I say "icy", but what I mean is that it had up to 8" of ice in places, and no ice in others, and the car sort of slid its way in through the ruts in the ice. 

Despite the blue sky when we arrived (or perhaps because it soon gave way to grey skies and snow), I was definitely in a black & white mood.

Still snow on the beach.
Snow. And dead grass. Or maybe it's just resting.
At least there was some good wave action, and some crazy people were even out surfing. 

I caught this wave just as it was breaking.

Same with this one.

Pretty sure you can see a theme here.

Aforementioned crazy surfer. She didn't last too long, and by my count made 6-7 runs for the beach. It appeared cold, and difficult to make it out any distance.

Foam on beach rocks.
In the shot above, I was playing with the continuous auto-focus tracking and 11 frames per second that the camera is capable of, and was pleasantly surprised that it was able to track the incoming waves (most of the time, anyway) and render the front of each wave in focus at f/4. You can make out the individual bubbles. 

Soon after this shot, my fingers decided they were cold enough, and mutinied. I then bravely decided it was time to go back and rescue the wife from the rugrats, who were by this time running loose in the car.  

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