Friday, 10 April 2015

Halifax Harbour Ship Movement Photos: April 4-11, 2015

There wasn't a huge amount of civil traffic in the harbour during my ferry rides this morning, however, I did see a fair number of naval movements. Photos arranged by day:


On Tuesday morning, HMCS CHARLOTTETOWN returned from standing by CCGS Ann Harvey off the south shore of Newfoundland. She returned to snow.

Glenbrook, MONTREAL, PRESERVER, and a Ville class tug.
HMCS MONTREAL was refuelling alongside PRESERVER, before being cold moved away.

CHARLOTTETOWN headed into the basin during MONTREAL's cold move.

Atlantic Companion
Atlantic Companion arrived and headed to Fairview Cove the terminal during the afternoon.


HMCS ST. JOHN'S in dockyard hands, completing her refit.
On Wednesday, HMCS ST. JOHN'S had an interesting arrangement of scaffolding and tarps on the foc'st'le. I don't think I have seen this before during the FELEX refit process.

Atlantic Tern
The rig supplier Atlantic Tern headed into Basin, but soon headed back out again.

CH-148 Cyclone
A Cyclone passed over, heading south. Interestingly, this airframe has had the civilian registration removed, and now only bears the military airframe numbers. The last time I photographed a Cyclone, it still had the civilian registry number painted on the sponson. Now there is a Canada logo.


Tanker East Coast at anchor.


This morning, MONTREAL and HALIFAX both returned from the sea.

HMCS HALIFAX in the background of the George's Island lighthouse.
Too far away for a good shot, HALIFAX still had some speed on in this photo.

Closer now, HALIFAX had slowed down to harbour speed.

HALIFAX and Chebucto Pilot heading into the Eastern Passage.
HALIFAX didn't proceed up into the main harbour, and instead headed over to Shearwater.

Personnel transfer from HMCS MONTREAL.
MONTREAL transferred some personnel to the Dockyard via a ladder and a RHIB, before she headed into the narrows.

MONTREAL headed into the narrows.

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