Saturday, 23 April 2016

HMCS TORONTO tour: Auxiliary Machinery Tour

My previous post on touring HMCS TORONTO covered the propulsion machinery spaces in both the forward and aft engine rooms. Forward and aft of these spaces are the AMRs, or Auxiliary Machinery Rooms. The primary inhabitants of these two rooms are four 850 kW Deutz MWM diesel generators that provide electrical power to the ship. 

It was an interesting opportunity to be able to photograph these two spaces, as the aft AMR was largely intact, while the forward AMR was in the process of being torn apart in preparation for being handed over to the Halifax Shipyard for refit.

Diesel generators intact inside their enclosures in the aft AMR. The enclosure is covered in access ports that can be opened to allow maintenance access all around each generator. The enclosure contains much of the sound produced by the generators, and is also useful in the event of fire.

Looking along the catwalk between the two generators. 
A memorial in the aft AMR for former crewmember who has "crossed the bar".

While the aft AMR was mostly intact, the forward AMR was in the process of being dismantled prior to refit.

In the forward AMR, the diesel engine inside the enclosure is exposed. 
Warships interiors are cramped, with every available space taken up by some piece of equipment - even the spaces below the deck plates. The bilge in the ship is often a treasure trove of lost tools that are lost by the ship's company during routine maintenance tasks, and they can't be retrieved until the ship is next stripped down prior to refit. As I recall, one of my tour guides was looking forward to retrieving a flashlight lost just weeks earlier.
The power generated in the two AMRs is routed to the rest of the ship to power everything from weapons systems, combat and navigation sensors, and the ship's hotel load (lights, etc) via two main electrical switchgear sets. 

Aft main switchgear.
The two AMRs don't just contain power generation equipment, but also have an assortment of other equipment as well. 

The AMRs also contain other equipment, such as R2D2 here (otherwise known as a fuel centrifuge for removing water and contaminants from the ship's fuel supply).
Another auxiliary machinery space, one deck below the weather deck and to the aft of the ship, is the "tiller flat" where the steering motors are found.

The steering gear is mounted on the rudder post. It is powered by two hydraulic motors, with the starboard steering motor seen to the left through the door.

The port hydraulic steering motor.

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