Friday, 9 December 2016

Christmas Lights Across Canada

This week saw the launch of the 32nd Christmas Lights Across Canada, with the official event happening on Parliament Hill on Wednesday night. I missed the show the first night because they only ran it once, but last night a flight delay made it possible to show up for the 5:30pm show on Parliament Hill. This audio-visual animated show is projected onto the face of the Parliament Buildings and Peace Tower, and lasts about 13 minutes. The first show is at 5:30pm, and it repeats until 11:00pm. 

Last night featured light snow, and between that, downtown protests, and the visit of US Vice President Joe Biden, the crowd at 5:30 was minimal. It was well worth the long walk to find a taxi afterwards. 

The light snow probably added to the experience by making the light trails visible.
These shots were taken hand-held at ISO 3200 with a small mirrorless camera, so the images are rather grainy to say the least - but at least you can't tell at the size shown here.

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