Monday, 26 December 2016

My Favourite Photos of 2016

Each year I try and choose my favourite images of the year. Many are to be found in my online portfolio on Smugmug.


CCGS Cape Roger passing the George's Island lighthouse.

CCGS Cape Roger in sea smoke.

Rock in ice, Peggy's Cove.

Fishing boat heading out, Peggy's Cove.

Dartmouth Common gate.

Departing container ship.


Locomotives in a snow storm, Datmouth, NS.


Nova Centre.

Nova Centre.

Tower crane reflected on the glass of Nova Centre.

Herring fleet.
In May, we took the family on vacation to Ontario for two weeks. I still haven't processed all the images, but I did process my photos of the National Art Gallery in Ottawa.

National Art Gallery.

National Art Gallery.

National Art Gallery.

View of the North Shore of the St. Lawrence.

Tug escorting a containership in the fog.

The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic's Dorothea.


Wooden sailboat in Lunenburg, shot on Tri-X film.

Sealing the glass panes of Nova Centre. Shot on Tri-X film.

Nova Centre.
The Columbian Navy's sail training vessel A.R.C. GLORIA was in port in July.

Crewmenber standing on the bowsprit.

Gloria silhouetted against a rising sun. One of those times that the shot from my phone outshines the one from my actual camera.

A portion of Gloria's crew gathered on the pier.

Coiled rope on the deck of Gloria.

I liked the way how the sky reflected on the glass of this building.
Our second family vacation of the year was spent on the South Shore, mostly between Lunenburg and Lockport.

Sunset at White Point Beach. The Resort has changed a lot since a summer job there in about 1995.

Kelp washed ashore on a beach. Hirtles, Rissers, or (Lockport's) Crescent Beach - I don't immediately remember.

Foam on a beach.

In all the beauty of Blue Rocks, I pointed my camera at some of the smaller details.

Hay loft of a horse barn in Lunenburg.

Blue Rocks, NS.

Scaffolding going up on a building in Halifax.

Bow of the Bluenose (version 2.5) reflecting on a calm Halifax Harbour.
One of my favourite little spots on the Halifax Waterfront was the pool behind the bridge beside Cable Wharf, where sunny days would usually promise some nice reflections like the one below. This area is currently being infilled as part of the Queen's Marque project. Too bad.

I almost walked right by this Great Blue Heron on the Halifax Waterfront. 

SACKVILLE on the evening of Nocturne, the art festival at night.

An art installation in the Halifax Central Library on the evening of Nocturne.

Construction continues on The Roy.

CCGS Edward Cornwallis at dusk.

December brought our first really cold temperatures, along with the sea smoke that I like to photograph at least once a year. Ten minutes on the upper deck of the ferry was enough for me, however. 
A business trip to Ottawa gave me the opportunity to capture the light show projected onto the Parliament Buildings.

I caught the light show during a light snow, so you could see the trails of light from the projector.

The light show consisted of an audio-visual animation show.
In the lead-up to Christmas, Via Rail puts on an extra train each day so that you can take a train up to Truro and come back the same day. We decided to take the family, so the kids could have their first train ride.

Via Rail's "The Ocean" train at the end of the line in Halifax.
I have separately collected my favourite Royal Canadian Navy images in this post.

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