Sunday, 7 May 2017

Battle of the Atlantic Sunday - 2017

After several years of sunny weather on the first Sunday in May, I suppose it was time for some typically Nova Scotian weather to accompany the Battle of the Atlantic Sunday service. Halifax Harbour was socked in with thick fog, lifting only occasionally to reveal other ships in the Dockyard and the Macdonald Bridge.

HMCS MONTREAL in the fog.
As with last year, the service was held onboard HMCS MONTREAL, but unlike last year, the attendees were crammed like sardines into MONTREAL's helicopter hangar. Because of the wind, rain, and limited visibility, MONTREAL remained alongside for the entire service. Although the ashes of those to be committed were present for the service, the committal itself will occur at a later date, and the families of the deceased may or may not have the opportunity to be present depending on what arrangements are made at the time. The ashes of veterans are sometimes committed to the sea when the opportunity arises (and a ship is available) and it is not always possible to have the families present.

With the hangar so crowded, it was not possible to move around easily taking photos, without getting in the way of family members attending the service (or smacking them in the head with my camera bag, which is apparently bad form). Those of us photographers present spent most of our time just outside the hangar shooting the service from the front, trying to stay out of each other's way, while aiming for good angles of the proceedings.

Due to time constraints, I will largely present the photos of the service without further commentary:

The command staff salute during the singing of 'O Canada'.

The hangar was very crowded, making it difficult to move around.

Cdr. Chris Sherban addresses the attendees. 

LCdr. (Ret'd) Jim Reddy.

MONTREAL's kisbee ring, with the ensign at half-mast.

CNMT member Graham McBride stands by the ashes of veterans to be committed. 

Padre singing a hymn.

Raindrops on MONTREAL's bell.

Command staff of HMCS MONTREAL, from left to right: CPO1 Stan Ryan, LCdr Kevin Nolan, and Cdr Chris Sherban.

After the service, the ensign was hauled all the way back up.

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