Tuesday, 30 May 2017

SACKVILLE arrives on the Halifax Waterfront

HMCS SACKVILLE transited from the Dockyard to her berth on the Halifax Waterfront in front of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic this morning. I had hoped to tag along for the ride, but couldn't make it over in time. My fallback position was to take photos from the ferry as she left the Dockyard, but the timing didn't work, so I grabbed a few photos from the pier instead.

Although the tugs left her side briefly in order to switch sides from port to starboard, this occurred when SACKVILLE was behind Cable Wharf from my location, and I didn't catch it. It is therefore nice to catch an angle such as the following images where the tugs do not appear.

In a few of the images, I managed to avoid having both the tugs and Cable Wharf show up in the background.

As SACKVILLE came alongside, I got to try for images of the crew throwing the lines ashore.

SACKVILLE won't formally open to the public for a few weeks, although she will be open by appointment until then. 


  1. Well done Sandy. Some great shots of HMCS Sackville here.

  2. Great photos! My grandpa served on a few different ships, I can only recall the HMCS Gatineau and the Sans Peur. He used to tell great stories of his time in the service.