Monday, 17 July 2017

Harry DeWolf rollout

There's already lots of photos online of the rolled out midships and stern sections of the future HMCS HARRY DEWOLF (AOPV 430), but what the heck, here's mine. Harry DeWolf is the first and name-ship of a new class of Arctic Offshore Patrol Vessel, or AOPV. Under the Naval Ship Procurement Strategy (NSPS), Halifax Shipyard is to build up to six of these ships.

The midships section (left) rolled out first. The stern section, shown here in the assembly building, was rolled out afterwards, and has since been mated (though not fully welded together) to the midships section.

The stair tower on the left is used by workers to access the hull.

The hull sections sit on a series of cradles which are picked up by wheeled transporters and moved to the land level transfer facility, where the hull sections are joined.

The bow section has not been completed yet, and will be joined when it arrives.

When you are shooting photos through a chain link fence, you don't always get your choice of viewing angles.

The stern section was still sitting in the assembly building on Saturday morning.
This is the first, and so far only, class of Royal Canadian Navy ships to be named after people. Harry Dewolf joined the RCN in 1918 and served in the Second World War, most notably as the first commander of HMCS HAIDA.


  1. Nice article Thanks Sandy~! Used to be AOPS. When did it change to AOPV?

    1. I think AOPS is the name of the program, and AOPV is the designation. To be honest, I'm just going by Wikipedia.