Monday, 31 July 2017

Tall Ships 2017 - Coming Soon!

The ships of Tall Ships Rendez-Vous 2017 started arriving Thursday night (July 27), and the festival itself officially opened on Saturday morning. Today is the last day to board the ships, and the final sailpast is tomorrow.

All of my effort associated with Tall Ships 2017 thus far has been spent on taking photos (and the logistics of being there to take the photos), and I have only processed a portion of the images to date. For anyone interested, the images will appear in a gallery on my Smugmug site as I upload them. This gallery includes images from ships that arrived earlier in the summer.

USCGB EAGLE approaching the Halifax Seaport upon her arrival.


  1. she didn't go to Ontario she went to cape Breton to be broken up

  2. If you are referring to PRESERVER or QUEST, you are correct - but it is an Ontario company that got the contract.