Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Preserver departs for ship-breakers

The former HMCS PRESERVER departed Halifax this morning under tow of the tug Lois M., destined for a ship-breaking yard in Ontario. She was the RCN's last operational AOR (Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment), and her retirement leaves the RCN currently without a native replenishment capability (although this will hopefully be rectified soon with the addition of a leased vessel, the MV Asterix). 

Preserver's last morning alongside at HMC Dockyard in Halifax, with Lois M. tucked in behind her stern. Preserver's anchor chains have been rigged into a towing bridle, and a backup tow line is rigged along the starboard side for use if the main line breaks.
I wasn't able to make it down to the waterfront to catch her departure, so I had to make do with this shot from the office balcony, framed by some buildings.

Preserver departs Halifax, under tow by the barely visible Lois M. and with a Glen class tug alongside.
Back in the winter of 2015, after her removal from service but before she was formally paid off and stripped of her equipment, the Navy allowed me to tour her inside and out and document her with lots of photos. I have previously presented these photos here:

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