Thursday, 26 March 2015

CCGS Cape Roger and a Dutch Submarine

The ferry was well timed this morning to let me capture CCGS Cape Roger on her way from BIO out to sea. After passing under the MacDonald Bridge, she headed out through the passage west of George's Island.

CCGS Cape Roger under the MacDonald Bridge. The tower crane to the right is on the site of the Navy's new Junior Ranks mess and accommodation building, scheduled for completion in 2016.
CCGS Cape Roger. When ships are departing in the morning, I often get three main photos: 1. Ship X in front of Purdy's Wharf.
CCGS Cape Roger. 2. Ship X with only horizon for background, so she appears as if she is at sea.
CCGS Cape Roger. And 3. Ship X with the George's Island or McNab's lighthouse somewhere in the background.
The Dutch Walrus class submarine HNLMS BRUINVIS also made an appearance today. I didn't manage to get her underway (though others did), but I did manage to catch her alongside in HMCS WINDSOR's usual berth.

Yesterday morning, I managed to capture sister ships HMCS IROQUOIS and HMCS ATHABASKAN both alongside and emitting steam.

HMC Ships IROQUOIS and ATHABASKAN. The latter is the last IROQUOIS class ship remaining in active service.
I also caught a Sea King that buzzed the ferry I was on in the afternoon. I had to be quick to get my camera out and select a shutter speed slow enough to show some movement in the rotors.

CH-124 Sea King.

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