Saturday, 18 July 2015

L'Hermione in Lunenburg - Part 1

L'Hermione is a replica of a French Navy frigate built in 1780, constructed between 1997 and 2014, and currently at the end of her North American tour. After leaving France three months ago, she sailed to the US and has been visiting ports up the eastern seaboard. Lunenburg (arrived July 18) is the only Canadian stop, and she will be leaving on July 19th to head for St. Pierre et Miquelon. 

Due to the shear number of photos I took of her arrival today, I am breaking this blog post into two parts, Part 1 covering her arrival and Part 2 covering detailed photos of the ship from the wharf.

Bluenose II led the way, followed by L'Hermione, HMCS GOOSE BAY, and CCGS Samuel Risley.
We headed out just before 9:00, and after rounding Battery Point outside Lunenburg Harbour we were greeted with the sight of the four ships already on their way in.

Bluenose II leading the way.
Bluenose II had four sails up, and there was enough wind to fill them and heel her slightly to starboard.

With the light winds and unhelpful direction, L'Hermione had her sails partly unfurled for show only, and arrived under power.

L'Hermione with CCGS Samuel Risley in the background.

Lunenburg Harbour isn't terribly big, and with all the private boats moored off the waterfront, space was somewhat limited. CCGS Samuel Risley peeled off early and kept to the Feltzen South side of the bay, while HMCS GOOSE BAY followed L'Hermione in as far as Battery Point before turning around. 

HMCS GOOSE BAY, L'Hermione, and CCGS Samuel Risley.
Lens distortion aside, Bluenose II had her sails hauled in tightly.

Bluenose II continued on past the harbour entrance to allow L'Hermione to enter first, and circled around to follow her in before proceeding to her own wharf.

L'Hermione with the Lunenburg waterfront in the background.

L'Hermione provided a little show of force by firing off cannon on both sides of the ship. Here, I managed to catch a muzzle flash from one of the port cannon. At 11 frames per second, I still managed to miss several of these.

The second of two muzzle flashes that I managed to catch (that were in focus).

Cannon fire complete, L'Hermione is enveloped in smoke.

L'Hermione running along the waterfront.
L'Hermione was greeted by horns from many of the fishing vessels along the waterfront, so much so that the crew was unable to hear commands from the captain and they had to request that the horns be silenced.
L'Hermione pulling up to the Fisheries Museum Wharf.
Unfortunately, L'Hermione was not open to the general public, and I didn't manage to gain access. My next post will therefore feature detailed photos taken from the pier rather than the onboard tour I had been hoping for.

A full gallery of my photos can be found on my Smugmug page.

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