Monday, 20 July 2015

L'Hermione in Lunenburg - Part 2

To follow up with my Part 1 post on L'Hermione's arrival in Lunenburg, this second post will present detail and rigging photos mostly taken while she was alongside. Unfortunately, the general public was not allowed onboard during her visit to Lunenburg, so I didn't manage to get any of those.

First, L'Hermione's specifications and details in their own words:

Information banner displayed by L'Hermione.

Information banner displayed by L'Hermione.
One of my favourite subjects is the sails and rigging of tall ships. I like to try and compose photos that make some sense of the rat's nest of line and blocks that one sees from a distance. 

Looking up into the rigging as L'Hermione approached Lunenburg.
I often convert these to black and white, at least in part because I usually end up taking these photos on overcast days, but also because I think they lend themselves to black and white. The photo above and the two below can be considered a progression, from wide angle to telephoto, with each subsequent photo zooming in to smaller details. 

The overall rigging in the first image above is simplified into a detail of a furled sail hanging from one of the yard arms, which is further simplified into the image below of the pleats in a furled sail.

I will finish off with some colour images of hull details.


The cannon barrels are all wrapped and sealed to prevent the ingress of water while at sea.

A final shot of L'Hermione alongside at the Fisheries Museum in Lunenburg.

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