Friday, 10 July 2015

Queen Mary 2: Cunard first voyage 175th Anniversary

RMS Queen Mary 2 arrived in Halifax from Liverpool this morning, retracing the voyage of Cunard's first steamer RMS Britannia, 175 years ago. She left this evening, headed for Boston: Theodore Too and Atlantic Oak led her out of the main harbour, while HMCS MONTREAL followed astern and escorted her out to sea.

Shipfax has a good account of her sailpast.

I had another commitment earlier in the evening, and only managed to make it to the waterfront for her final run down the Halifax waterfront and out to sea. Some photos from her visit and sailpast today:

Scheduled for an 0730 arrival, QM2 was already alongside before 0630.
A three shot panorama as she cleared the Svitzer pier. Sometime panoramas are necessary when you just don't have time to put a wider lens on the camera. 


HMCS MONTREAL escorting QM2 out to sea.

A lit up QM2 heading out to sea as the light fails. HMCS MONTREAL is noticeably smaller in this image.
Next stop, Boston!

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