Friday, 28 October 2016

Harbour Photos this Week: October 24-28

Riding in HMCS SACKVILLE back to the Dockyard (covered in a separate post) was definately the high point of my week, photography wise, but there were a few other things to catch my camera's attention. I will start with some incidental photos taken during SACKVILLE's transit.

HMCS ATHABASKAN as viewed from SACKVILLE upon returning to the Dockyard.
HMCS ATHABASKAN as viewed from SACKVILLE upon returning to the Dockyard.
Ex-HMCS IROQUOIS awaiting disposal.
On Tuesday, there was some more naval action when ATHABASKAN and ST. JOHN'S left to participate in Exercise Spartan Warrior. 

HMCS ST. JOHN'S recovering a RHIB.
Wednesday I was in meetings in Dartmouth, and didn't get to see what was in the harbour, but on Thursday the French Navy's offshore patrol vessel BOUGAINVILLE departed. She had been visiting the Dockyard for the week.



In a relatively rare occurence, there were two cruise ships overnighting on the seawall on Thursday, and the Port of Halifax was kind enough to tweet this news to area photographers. I didn't get the best photos, but here they are:

AIDAmar in the foreground, with the NSPI headquarters to the right.
Carribean Princess and AIDAmar on the seawall Thursday night.
There were also some interesting sunrises and other cloud effects this week, two of which I captured and will show here.

Imposing clouds over the two harbour lighthouses on Tuesday afternoon.

Maple Leaf flag flying from the stern of CSS Acadia.

I will finish with a photo that wasn't taken this week, but which I finally got around to processing this week.

Carnival Sunshine and Amadea arriving on October 21.

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