Thursday, 13 October 2016

Picton Castle on the Lunenburg Marine Railway

During a jaunt over to Lunenburg last weekend, we noticed that the Picton Castle was on the slip (aka the Lunenburg Marine Railway). I don't have much in the way of commentary, but here are the photos.

As viewed from the Golf Course, with the old Smith & Rhuland shed to the left of the photo.

The view from the port side. The vacant lot in the foreground is where Bluenose v2.5 (the current edition) was built.

View of the port bow.
Once upon a time, the marine railway and adjacent boat yard were easily accessible by the general public, and one could just walk in and see what was going on. Unfortunately, there is now a fence and motorized gate that block easy access to this area, so the photos of the bow area are taken through the fence.

Close-up of the bow plating.

Close-up of the rudder and propeller.

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